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ONLINE Education Expo - 19-21 JUNE 2020 didac China
Early Bird Price by May 1st
didac China is the first of its kind to establish online live-streaming platform.

During the 3-Day expo from June 19th to 21th, exhibitors could:

  • Live-Stream or Play Pre-Recorded Video
  • Display brand images & Promote brand awareness
  • Real time engagement with buyers via Q&A, chatting & messaging
  • Exhibit along 100+ innovative global brands
  • Participate online conferences, product launches & lectures

Without restriction of time and space, didac China has access to a significant database of 50 thousand potential buyers from 24+ countries. Through a thorough marketing plan entailing pre, during and post-expo, didac China ensures each exhibiting company an effective conversion rates, and boosting up its brand recognition. 

  • Biggest Local Market Questing for International Brands & Products
  • Larger User Pool Targeting High-Quality Leads
  • Longest Length of Media Exposure
  • No time & Space Restriction
 Tutorial Video on didac China Online Platform

Benefit from unlimited reach of potential customers
Premium buyer zone on didac online platform

If you are schools/universities/institutes/education platforms with purchasing needs, this is the right place for you!

Our Buyers could: 
  • Go live on your independent streaming room for FREE
  • Face to face with pre-selected, top-quality & local product/equipment suppliers 
  • Find the most-fit products & services with the BEST PRICES available on the market
  • A thorough understanding of Chinese education system, & local business market
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Our Exhibition Range
  • Play Zone
  • Study Abroad
  • Daily Living
  • Learning Resources
  • Tech Solutions
  • Invention Center
  • Home Furnishing
  • Education Service
  • Holiday & Travel
    • Learning APP
    • Toys/Plush
    • Online Education
    • Games/Books
    • Stationary
    • Artcraft
    • Bicycle/Skooter
    • DIY/Creativities 
    • Sewing/Knitting
    • Stem/Coding/Robotics
    • Baking & Cooking
    • Music/Arts
    • Ball Sports
    • Horse Riding/Fencing
    • Performance/Drama 
    • Language Learning
    • Textile/Costumes
    • Language/Art/Sport Centers
    • Preschool Education Institutes
  • University/College/Vocational School
  • Themed Park/Museum
  • Swimming Pools
  • Kid's Furniture
  • Furnishing/Lights
  • Tables/Seating/Beds
  • Multimedia
  • Presentation Technologies
  • Playground/Outdoor Equipment
  • Libraries/Laboratories
  • Logistic/Sanitary/Safety
  • Testing/Psychological Advisory
  • Insurance/Financial Service
  • Management Tools
  • Franchise
  • Summer Camp/School
  • Parties/Festivals
  • Book Stores
  • After School Care
  • Study Abroad & Service
Learning APP, Presentation Techonologies, School Management, STEAM & Coding, Creative & Hobby, Toys, Games & Books, Science & Robotics, Study abroad & Summer Camps, Children's Furniture & Furnishing, Sport & Outdoors, Summer Camps, Digital & Technology, Vocational Training, Health & Well-Being and many many more
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