New Model, New Feature--Reach anybody, anywhere, anytime
New Model, New Feature--Reach anybody, anywhere, anytime

Showcasing the latest education trend, 7 focus sectors are making their dazzling debut at didac China.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has changed the education environment for all of us. Recently, millions of students are required to stay home and get used to distance-learning, which greatly boosts new demands and supplies.  

For the first time, basic K12 and higher education have given new meaning to distance learning, leading to an online education era. Responding to current trend, opportunities and challenges, didac China 2020, through the combination of virtual and real interactive experiences, will be the first of its kind to provide a one-stop education platform for global educators and professionals. 

New layout, New feature

Founded in 2005, our organizer, Honger International Fairs Group has developed into a leading exhibition enterprise with a series of successful exhibitions in China, like Huaxia Home Expo and China Machine Expo. Benefited from our international standard, big-data system, and years of experiences in trade industry, didac China continues to work at the forefront of education industry, aiming to inspire and empower more companies, schools and institutes to explore, create, and innovate on our platform. 

Targeting at the need and focus of basic and higher education, didac China subdivides into 7 independent but complimentary sectors: Space & Equipment, Preschool Education, Online Education, Extracurricular Activities, International Schools, Kids & Leisure and Study Abroad.

Space & Equipment

Preschool Education

Online Education

Extracurricular Activities

Private & International schools

Kids & Leisure

Study Abroad


Space & Equipment

According to statistics of China Research, China education equipment will maintain a growth rate of 6 percent. It is estimated that by 2021, the market size of China equipment & service industry will exceed 4000 billion RMB. Meanwhile, Chinese equipment industry has expanded around the globe with international standards and world approved quality. didac China designates one sector for school space and equipment, including advanced technology-based  equipment, school furniture, library, space design, multimedia, security, etc.

Preschool Education

Greatly impacted by China’s second-child boom, preschool education is ushered into an explosion period with an estimated market size of 920 billion RMB at the end of 2021. The fact that western education concepts and ideologies have been adopted into Chinese education system imposes A far-reaching impact on global market as well. As the world largest education market in the world, China’s education revolution sparks new opportunities for international business and leads the most popular trends in the recent years. To further accelerate the development of preschool industry, didac China expo will set up a preschool sector to showcase newly released toys, crafts, science projects, books and preschool accessories.

Online Education

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused the educational institutions to close temporarily and rely on online education. Large amount of schools, families and students have fastened the rate of online transformation from 5% to 20%. At the end of 2022, domestic online market is going to reach 540 billion RMB. As the trailblazer in online trade business, didac China accumulates a variety of online platforms, learning APP, technology and service providers, videos, etc.

Extracurricular Activities

Recently, education shifts from traditional test-oriented system to all-rounded skill-based learning model. Following this transformation, didac China, collaborated with popular STEAM companies, robotics workshops, sports clubs, children theaters, and musical & dancing institutes, hopes to make all-rounded education accessible to everyone. 

Private and International Schools

The market size of Chinese private school is expected to reach 550 billion RMB at the end of this year, among which private primary and secondary school take up to 160 billion RMB. Substantial increase in the enrollment of private and international schools has propagated the generalization of quality education. Aligning with the value on quality education , didac plans to open a sector for private primary schools, secondary schools, kindergarten, international schools and training institutes. Moreover, concentrating on the development of China education, didac China will connect high-ended domestic institutions with investors from all over the world.

Kids and Leisure

Children consumption is growing at a rate of 30% per year, and the current market size is around 4.5 trillion RMB. National bureau of statistics proposes that, in second and third tier cities, children-related expenditure possess over 25% of the total revenue coming into the shopping centers, with an 10% increasing rate per year. Thus, didac China cooperated with themed parks, museums, parent-kid restaurants, camping sites, outdoor activities to create a parent-kid interactive area for kids and their families to enjoy their family time during weekend. 


Study Abroad

China has become the largest source of international students studying in western countries, and has become the strongest global force in higher education. As a platform with a global perspective, didac seeks to provide the most up-to-date information regarding international services, insurance, visa and immigration, etc. 

didac China Online-Merge-Offline Expo Overview

3 days, 30000 buyers 

32 countries, 1200 product launches 

170 speeches, 90 educators

JUNE 19-21@ didac China OMO-POWERED EXPO

Reach anybody, anywhere, anytime