International Schools' favorite pick - OF365 Furniture

OF365 ZONG HENG Furniture
Break the boundary & Empower the art of education

Established in 1999, OF365 is an enterprise group specializes in school furniture, office furniture & home furniture. Over decade, OF365 gradually shifts its focus to classroom design and planning, and adheres to its concept: create long-lasting values in classroom. Publicly known for its quality, OF365 has built relationship with over 50 schools and universities, including the Shanghai Dulwich school, Fudan University, Shanghai United International School, Shanghai Jiaotong University, etc. Most notably, OF365 has cooperated with German VS for the past 12 years, and maintained positive feedback along the way. Keep pursuing high-standard, top quality design & manufacture, OF365 will continue to improve school environment with modern technology, creating efficient, intelligent, and fun experiences at school.

As the saying goes: “environment shapes people.” Believing in the importance of nurturing environment on children’s mental and physical health development, OF365 is dedicated to incorporating more advanced education ideologies and psychological factors into children’s learning environment. Through its hand, the classroom will be the spiritual place for both teachers and students to communicate without barriers, to learn from each other, to develop their own safety nets. In 2020, OF365 will showcase more state-of-the-art school furniture at didac China education expo, and continue to be one of the pillars of China furniture industry.