didac China – Make Online-Offline-powered education Fair Possible
didac China - June 19th -21th Shanghai World Expo

Guide: An unpredictable epidemic, which has swept the trade fair industry within a short period, has greatly precipitated the integration of online and offline world. Didac China sees the trend of trade fair in 2020 and will be the first of its kind to utilize its online and offline strength to maximize the return of exhibitors. 

What is OMO model? 
The OMO model is the one that merges the online and offline worlds to create a experience unlimited by locations and time. This model integrates the offline, tangible interaction with virtual, live-streaming events. Similarly, OMO-powered exhibition model combines live-streaming conferences and real- world trade fair experiences, where online sections complement offline and allow exhibitors to seize the advantages of both. 

First Launch of OMO-powered Education Fair
This June, didac China aims to launch the first OMO-powered international education fair. During the 3-day exhibition at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Conference Center, 30,000 educators and families are present to experience 600+ hands-on activities, 1200 products presentation, 180+ education forums and lectures, as well as 50+ business matchmaking sessions. 
As for the online section, 1000+ Chinese streaming broadcasts & 200+ international live streaming will reach out to over 3,000,000 educators and families all over China. Overseas exhibitors will be able to expose their uptodate products at the fair’s online platform. The organizer also offers the possibility to allow them to livesteam during the 3 days and interact with potential buyers. 

Look forward to the future 
The OMO-driven development of China’s exhibition industry is an innovation based on high-performance technology and physical entities. This model will boost demand for new exhibition services and enterprises, along with challenges and difficulties. As with all online and offline events, didac China will allow exhibitors to benefit from the almost unlimited reach of potential customers, and make new education concepts accessible to people around the world.