didac 2019 in review & look forward to June 2020
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Guide: December 13, 2019, more than 200 exhibitors from worldwide education companies, chamber of commerce in 8 countries and education representatives converged together for the betterment of future education. 

didac China December Gala Dinner

didac China, hosted by China Association of Trade and Honger International Fairs Group will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Conference Center. 

Dedicated on Learning Supplies, Oversea Study & Service, Space Design, Online Education, Art & Sports, Parent-Kid Activities, K12 Education, Training School & College, didac China is a global showcase of the innovative technology, modern resources and instruments. 450 high-end domestic and foreign brands from 30 countries will converge at one place to discover the live-changing possibility of future education. 

Meanwhile, didac China is covered by over 350 local and international TV channels, magazines, newspapers and major websites; 1000 live broadcasts and opinion-maker blogs; 50+ business matchmaking sessions. A strong media coverage, multiple business events, and promotion campaign are definitely one of the most vital ways to broaden business network and explore China’s market. 

Secretary of China Association of Trade, Tian Guofeng

B2B2C Innovation model revolutionizes China trade fair industry 

Mr. Tian, Secretary of China Association of Trade, stated in his opening speech that CATIS would take the development of trade service on its shoulder and would actively promote the establishment of international platforms for coordination and collaboration. Through 15 years of experiences in exhibition, China Association of Trade has supported the Global Digital Trade Conference, the Hong Kong Service Trade Fair, Huaxia Home Expo and the Shenzhen Cultural Industry Expo to alleviate current deficit in trade service. This time, cooperated with didac China, Honger hoped to create one of the most international and professional education platform for educators, families and product companies around the world. Agreed upon Mr.Tian’s statement, Mr.Shi, Manager of didac China, stated that within 3 days, exhibitors would not only widen their distribution channels, but also got in connection with end consumers, which entailed 30k upper and middle class families, education suppliers, distributors and buyers at once. 

China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, Executive Manager, Emanuela Vizzaro

Representatives in 8 countries gathered to spark ideas & changes

The French Chamber of Commerce, the Swiss Government Technology and Cultural Center, the Israeli Chamber of Commerce, the Bulgarian Embassy, the Indonesia Embassy have introduced their education system and shared their interest in didac China’s international education platform. 

As stated by Emanuela Vizzaro, the executive manager of CCIC, “globalization has fastened the connection between different cultures, and education is the key for future development.” She recommended more Italian companies and professionals to participate and explore this multicultural integration at didac China...

Swissnew, Junior Project Manager, Nicola Hofer

At the end of gala dinner, over 60 percent of the booth were reserved, and didac China has successfully broadened its branches to 30+ Italian, Indonesia and Swiss education product companies.“didac team has put great effort in this gala event, and we are more than willing to go the extra miles to support our exhibitors and propagate education concepts over the world”said by didac China manager.