Babily: Creating an enriched environment for your children
Provide a holistic approach that helps children develop into confident, all-rounded individual

Babliy is a video service platform that provides parenting related information, including DIY crafts, babies product, parenting supplies and educational toys. Through online video streaming and video playing, Babily is able to reach millions of parents within seconds. Founded in 2017, Babily has produced thousands of original videos with over 1.2 billion viewers over a short period of time. 

Following the trends of media consumption behavior, Babily has established its brand recognition through high-quality short videos, and scientific parenting knowledge. Meanwhile, Babily has connected with over 40 integrated and vertical platform, providing new parents the information from pregnancy to early childhood. Further, Babily interacts directly with users by organizing user communities, lectures, evaluation assessment and paid courses.
While most of the early education media focused merely on babies, Babily expands its focus to pregnant mothers, families and K12 education. Currently, Babily addresses the needs of the families support during pregnancy and motherhood by offering programs like mama yoga, postpartum recovery and postpartum psychiatry sessions. In addition to all of the general programs, Babily covers different knowledge targeting at children with different ages. With their belief on quality education, Babliy continues to introduce new knowledge into its platform.