#9 Mars Science Club-Ignite the passion for science
Let science permeate every aspect of education

Mars Science Box was founded by a group of science-driven students from Peking University. Based on their passion to children science, Mars Science teams are committed to the development of all-rounded STEAM curriculum, hardware design, and research projects, and they have established an advanced nationwide internet of things for youth. 

Currently, Mars Science Box has developed over 600 types of curriculum designated for primary and secondary schools. It has successfully built connection with 100+ well-known education institutes, and has been introduced to primary & secondary schools all over the world, like the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Chile, Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam. Invigorated by higher technology development, Mars Science team continue to work at the forefront of STEAM education with great enthusiasm, love and responsibility. Let’s wait for the unraveling of Mars Science new products at didac China education expo this June!