#8: Catch up with didac China---Little Goose
Little Goose---Make knowledge boundless Online solution for education institutions

Little Goose is a technology service provider focusing on online education. Its products include: SaaS, new education SaaS, management training, PaaS cloud services, content traffic distribution services, business school, conference systems, etc.

Depending on different industries, little goose provides comprehensive supporting plans including tools, data, resources and talents. Aiming to tackle potential challenges that education institutes might face, Little Goose build a closed-loop approach from brand communication to users growth, from classroom teaching to student operations to achieve multi-channels connection and networking. Covering the entire teaching areas, Little Goose breaks the constraints of time and space, and achieve the goal: Learn anytime, anywhere.

This June, Little goose will make its dazzling debut at didac China education expo to promote the combination between online and offline education system, which align well with didac China online expo’s principle. As online education flourishes due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the educational transformation is inevitable. For more information, visit our expo from June 19th to 21th.