#7 OMS- Integrated solution provider for global educators
Build your foundation for success

OMS was founded in 2013 by experts of domestic education companies and research & education elites of Chinese technology companies. Aiming to tackle three major challenges that majority of education institutes faces: management, teaching, marketing, OMS has established five service systems: network services, management service, teaching services, marketing services and investment services. 

Since its establishment, OMS always focuses on one thing: to help educators achieve their dream, and to help school reach their goal. OMS has successfully reached out to 10,000 schools and institutes in 25 provinces across the country with over 6000 project cooperation. At present, OMS has developed into an technology-based education platform integrating internet platform, management services, education product research & development and project investment, and received numerous awards and certificates as "the most comprehensive education group". In 2020, OMS will attend one of the most international education expo in China, Shanghai to bond with more channels and resources, and to provide more efficient, customized solutions to educators around the world.