#13 Walnut Programming-Our registered users have increased by 200% in a year.
On April 29th, Walnut Programming officially announced the upgrading of their products, and nearly 20,000 people watched the live broadcast. The update covers two aspects, teaching & researching methods and services, among which, AI human-computer  system, knowledge structure reached a major breakthrough. At the same time, Walnut Programming launched a series of teaching services centered on the concept of "Easier parenting, better company’.

It is impressive that Walnut Programming integrates the knowledge of artificial intelligence, computer science, mathematical skills and knowledge into animations, broadening children's knowledge while playing. Moreover,Walnut Programming is capable of automatically matching levels of difficulty with children mental abilities by analyzing the data in the learning process with AI big data, and provides real-time tracking from real-life instructors, offering "one-to-one" tutoring.

In terms of employment, Walnut Programming has adopted a high standard of selection process, including education backgrounds and majors. At present, the proportion of employees in Walnut Programming team with education or computer professional background reaches as high as 85%. With renowned reputation, innovative products & services, & leading technologies, Walnut helps millions of students to begin their journey, find their passion and prepare for their future. This June, let’s talk about the bright future of our children with Walnut!