#12 Seewo---Redefining the Role of Technology in Education
Leading a systematic change in learning and teaching

Guangzhou Shirui Electronic Technology Co was founded in 2018, and it is affiliated with CVTE, a world-renown intelligent interactive solution provider focusing on display and management technology. It is headquartered in Guangzhou science city and has marketing service worldwide.

With progress on science and technology, Seewo, a brand dedicated to future education, is providing an integrated solution on educational information technology by providing an interactive panels with a variety of peripherals. This innovation provides underprivileged countries the opportunity to  break the boundaries of socioeconomic status, and allows more students to have the same experiences as others in the context of learning.

According to AVC cloud network statistics, Seewo’s domestic market share in education’s interactive panel stood at a rate of 26.6%, making it No.1 in the industry. Seewo’s smart campus integrated solutions have updated and transformed many schools in China, and Seewo’s team has successfully brought intelligent interactive experiences into many classrooms in the second and third tier cities in China. The propagation of high-tech learning equipment not only improves learning efficiency, but also brings more fun into classrooms. 

Acknowledging the inevitable trend of technology-based innovation in classroom setting, Seewo will continue to create an ultimate experience and environment for teachers, students and families worldwide.