#10 Unlock Unlimited Potential: A guide to children mental health

Unlock the Unlimited Potential: A guide to children mental health 

Shanghai Zhixin Space is a technology-based education company emphasizing on the betterment of children psychological development, family engagement & individual growth. Cooperating with high-ended brands and institutes, Zhixin adopts the “Internet + Education” ideology, along with leading brain assessment and evaluation technology. With professional assessment tools, developmental analysis and communication styles, Zhixin space is dedicated to discovering the full potential of kids. Believing that every kid is born with unlimited potential, Zhixin team seeks to keep children motivated, and equip them with the mental tools to succeed. Regarding to commonly disorders among children, Zhixin customizes plans for children and their families, and provides solutions to help them cope with depression, anxiety, etc. 

Recognizing the importance of wholesome children development, Zhixin team, collaborated with didac China, will greatly promote the awareness of mental health and symptoms associated with mental deficits. This June, Zhixin teams are coming with more resources of information, including accommodation and tips that are applicable to schools and education institutes.